Take a Shadow Walk with ‘Stealth Technique’: Joei-nin and Stealth Movement

This next one from ‘Stealth Technique’ is a much watch for stealth and ninjutsu enthusiasts.

If you are planning on adhering to the shadows, be it for the sake of hiding from roving gangs in an SHTF situation, or simply to conceal your movements, then practicing some of the drills presented in this following piece is a must (we are not responsible for your misdeeds).

These exercises, it may be argued, are essential to cultivating skill in ‘Joei-nin’ or “shadow ninjutsu”.  Joei-nin is described in the once secret text of shinobi Natori Masazumi (Shoninki – 1681 ad) as a method of following a target by staying in the shadows. To do this, would require that the shinobi be aware of what objects threatening to his/her silence may lurk in the shadows, in addition to a body that is developed enough to move with precision.

‘Stealth Technique’ gives his take on a version of the fox-walk, broken down into four points for easy explanation. Afterwards he exhibits balancing exercises that can be done to increase proprioceptive capacities (for an explanation of proprioception click here).

The relevance of his exercises to stealth movement is found in the patient control of the legs and feet to allow for silent planting of the foot after probing the environment for “noise”. He displays a method of practicing the movement for pitch black environments by closing the eyes and moving the head about while balancing on one foot, and even blindfolding himself prior to navigating a randomly arranged set of objects strewn across the floor (handy eh?)

The creativity in this is poignant and goes to show that training can be done anywhere.

Stealth it up.


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