Conditioning the Body w/ Stealth Technique

No need for a gym membership. Your environment has all the fitness equipment you desire.

Take Stealth Technique as an example. He gets a workout just fine…

Using basketball hoops…

And pretty much any other type of modern infrastructure…

Here below is is his next video on strengthening the fingers and core.

ST: EXERCISES: Hook Staff Climb – The hook staff is a tool that I use quite often to grasp tension points that otherwise could not be reached.

Inverted Sit-ups – Abdominal strength is always a plus for any physical sport or activity. In terms of stealth, being comfortable and mobile in an inverted position is useful when performing techniques such as the Inverted Seiza.

Fingertip Pull-ups – Pull-ups in general are a must for what I do. However, a wide surface or pull up bar isn’t always readily available when scaling a building. Grasping with your fingertips creates more neurological output which in turn will enhance pull ups with a standard grip.


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